Paris PHPCR meetup

  • Lukas Kahwe Smith

Last weekend I went to Paris to attend the Paris PHPCR meetup with about a dozen other people at the offices of CommerceGuys. Things started off with a short personal intro round, followed my presentations on PHPCR and PHPCR ODM. During the presentation there was a fair bit of discussion about the different available PHPCR implementations as well. Afterwards things split up in multiple groups working on integration of PHPCR with the Sonata Symfony2 Bundles, but also hacking on the Doctrine DBAL transport for Jackalope.

Overall I think the meetup managed to get quite a few new people up to speed with PHPCR, but more importantly was a great way to socialize with people around the common interest of CMS technology. Its always more efficient to communicate via email/irc etc after a bit of face time (not the apple kind). :)

As a bonus we even got progress on the code side of things and maybe got one step closer to bringing PHPCR to Drupal8, though its of course still too early to pop the champagne. Damien gave me the following topics to look into in regards to potential Drupal adoption:

  • facetting
  • query across version labels as a way to handle content staging workflows
  • Jackalope Doctrine DBAL needs to be able to handle 10k+ documents with full text search on a shared hoster
  • locking (pessimistic/optimistic locking, SELECT .. FOR UPDATE)

On facetting it should be noted thar I have already brought this topic up in the JSR-333 list.

Querying and versioning is something I need to look into, since I am very unsure if there is any support here. I will also try to find time to checkout HippoCMS and other JCR CMS and how they handle this.

For full text search in the Doctrine DBAL transport we discussed approaches briefly, but things might go in the direction similar to the full text search provided in Doctrine 1.x, which apparently is similar to how things are in Drupal today. Aside from this I am waiting for Damien to send a bunch of bug fixes that he worked on during the meetup.

On the topic of locking we are currently making progress in Jackalope, so I hope we can address the concerns soon.

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