NIWEA Briefing Zürich

  • Hannes Gassert
The Web is Dead? I guess not.

After the international LIFT11 NIWEA workshop in Geneva, the conspiracy is coming back to Zurich: join us for the NIWEA Briefing Zürich, a TechTalk in the “ Internet Briefing” series. Hannes will be introducing the idea of “native interoperable web apps”, we'll demo and discuss that third way in between good old web pages and the “there's an app for that” world strongly tied to Apple & Co. What do those mechanisms mean for developers, what's a sustainably tech and business strategy in this more-than-dynamic environment?

  • When: 2011/03/01, 11.30-14.00
  • Where: Ristorante Falcone, Birmensdorferstrasse 150, Zürich
  • How much: free for “Internet Briefing” members, but 80.- for the rest of us. Sign up here.
  • Too much: we can get some of you guys on the guest list though, so leave a comment or a tweet (with a name and your motivation, perhaps).

The Web is dead? Well if so, it's one cute happy zombie :)

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