Private: Moodle Moot IE-UK 2016

  • Didier Raboud

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Back at the end of March, I had the chance to attend the 2016 IE-UK MoodleMoot in London; three days in a nice hotel on the shores of the Thames.

A day of hacking – Tuesday

The first day was dedicated to full-day Masterclasses, covering a quite wide range of topics, from Learning Analytics to MOOC Design. After much hesitation, I attended the Developer hackfest, figuring it would meet more of my geeky expectations.

The day-long session covered the following topics:


Introduction of Composer

Course format and templating => discussion and implementation of more mustache templates, work on the login page template'ification.

Moodle webservices, in the context of the mobile app. Use that as linker for the next topics, around Mobile

Conference day and dinner – Wednesday


Keynote from Martin

Stayed in for Development, inspiring talks by the Moodle Mobile team (Moodle Mobile remote themes) and Bas Brands (Moodle User Experience design)


Keynote with Jenny Gray, Ten years of Moodle – Impressive.

Dinner , and pleasure to meet some colleagues (Stacey, who worked with us for some time)

Last day already – Thursday

Moodle Partner's meeting with Martin Dougiamas and other partners, sharing our tips-and-tricks, the latest behind-the-scenes from Moodle HQ, and the concerns of other partners, big and small.

Closing keynote by Gavin Henrick about Moodle in 2016, including Moodle Academy (formulate as an inspiration, but also a concern for us).

Inspire from, but don't paste:

  • Moodle Mobile native app is coming of age
  • Moodle ecosystem is as strong as ever
  • Major institutions are reaffirming their support for Moodle
  • Moodle is strengthing its position as a workplace LMS


Short presentations (3 in an hour) are great. PetchaKutchas are great

Meeting and pair-coding with developers is great

Heavy use of the Moodle Mobile app

Some more reading

Other blogposts from Moodle partners and other attendees:

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