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  • Yves Bertrand

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In the last year the French-language newspaper has been winning over readers with its innovative approach. All content is published online first, with only the very best articles making it into the monthly print issue.
Of course, a high-quality print edition and responsive website are a priority, but the team also realises that the needs of mobile users should not be overlooked. This is why the leading-edge Fribourg publication decided to develop an app for iOS and Android. It called on Liip to help steer it through this uncharted territory.
As well as its finely-honed expertise in managing mobile projects, Liip offered the additional advantage of being within walking distance of the office in downtown Fribourg.

Generating added value

Although the app is very similar to the website, it provides users with real added value thanks, among others, to its personalisation features. For example, users can customise their news reading experience or keep up-to-date with breaking news thanks to push notifications. Another source of added value are design features like the native image gallery, which lets smartphone users view images in full-screen mode.
Cutting-edge technology + excellent team work = efficient project implementation
Xamarin was chosen to build the framework for the iOS and Android app because it allows developers to write cross-platform applications. As a result, it reduces the extra cost and effort generated by multiprogramming operations.
However, it takes more than technology to build a successful app. No matter what kind of product Liip is asked to develop, it always seeks to foster a constructive and close working relationship with the client. With regard to the project, this was made a great deal easier by the geographical proximity of the two offices. A situation which also certainly shortened the development time and contributed to the outstanding quality of the end product.
iOS Version
Android Version

Testimonial Kunde

«The challenge was coming up with a solution that met our requirements, all within a short space of time and on a tiny budget. Working with Liip kept our overheads low and the agile approach allowed us to get the most out of the project.»
Patrick Vallélian, Editor-in-Chief, Product Owner

Testimonial Liip

«It was great developing this application with such an innovative and super-efficient team like Using the latest technology, we were able to transform our innovative vision into reality.»
Product Owner

Cyril Vernier, Duotone

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