• Marc Brühwiler

Finding a day care place, place of residence, or workplace for disabled people has never been so easy. The new, accessible platform allows available places in the canton of Zurich to be found quickly and easily.

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This new platform offers all the information you need about available places. It also provides an overview of guidance offices for disabled people as well as of available places in an institutional setting. Known for being a first port of call, it offers all of the information you are looking for at a glance. The challenge of the project was to meet the needs of all target groups. All of the places in the canton are shown on the platform, not just those which are currently available. The platform helps people with disabilities to find a day care place, place of residence, or workplace in the canton of Zurich.

The entire development team worked very closely with the various target groups whilst developing the platform. Those with disabilities and their relatives, guidance and advisory offices, institutions, legal advisors and authorities were all stakeholders throughout the entire development phase.


As well as a logo, Liip developed an entire corporate identity for This modest and simple design was very attractive to the various target groups using the site. To ensure that design development also remained user-centric, the main focus was on people with disabilities. The platform had to be as accessible as possible, whether for family members, legal advisors or authorities. The site needed to be simple and expedient for all. Guidance offices also needed to support a form of power user. Packing these requirements into a simple design was not without its issues, but it was implemented by our experienced user experience designers just as requested.


The website was implemented using the open source October CMS. October CMS’s easy operation and the detailed roles within its permissions scheme made it an ideal choice. Various administrators need to create and process content for Our experience and the assistance of accessibility developer guide meant that accessible implementation was not a problem.

Trust over control

Together with INSOS Zürich, we have managed to create a new platform for disabled people that focuses on accessibility, building on the trust placed in our collaboration and shared goals.

INSOS: Our collaboration with Liip was very inspiring and professional. Liip impressed us with their high level of transparency and exemplary communication. I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Maya Graf-Seelhofer, Assistant / Deputy Managing Director INSOS Zürich

Successful implementation with minimum effort thanks to a straightforward collaboration between Liip and INSOS Zürich.
Marc Brühwiler, Product Owner Liip AG*

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