Magento 2 Config Search

  • Maxim Gubar

Do you remember, I recently wrote about implementation of a small but handy extension for config search in Magento1? I have become so used to it, that I had to do the same for Magento 2. And since I heard many rumors about improved contribution process to M2, I also decided to make it as a contribution and get my hands “dirty”.

Since the architecture of the framework has drastically changed, I expected many troubles. But in fact, it was even a little bit easier than for M1. From the development point of view it was definitely more pleasant to work with the code, but I also wanted to test the complete path to the fully merged pull request.

Step #0 (Local dev setup)

For the local setup I decided to use Magento2  docker devbox, and since it was still in the beta state I ran the first command without any hope for smooth execution. But surprisingly I had no issues with the whole set up. By executing few commands in terminal and cup of coffee, Magento 2 was successfully installed and ready to use. Totally positive experience.

Step #1 (Configuration)

All I had to do is to declare my search model in di.xml, not too hard, right ?)



Step #2 (Implementation)

Implementation of search itself was trivial, we just have to look for matches for a given keyword in the ConfigStructure object using  mb_stripos().



Step #3 (View)

The same as for M1, the result of the search is a list of URLs to the matched configuration label. When the user clicks the selected URL, they are redirected to the config page and the searched field is highlighted.

That would be it regarding the implementation :)

Step #4 (Afterparty)

Too simple to believe? You are right. I thought that it is enough for submitting the PR. But I completely forgot about tests :) This one of main requirements for accepting pull request by Magento Team.

Since all implemented code was well isolated (had no strict dependencies), it was pretty easy to write tests. I have covered most of the code with unit tests, and for the main search method I wrote the integration test.


I would like to point out that during the whole cycle of the pull request, I had fast and high-quality support from the Magento team. They were giving useful recommendations and consulted me sometimes even during their vacations. This is what I call outstanding interaction with the community!

My special thanks to  Eugene Tulika and  Igor Miniailo, and of course Dmitrii Vilchinskii for the idea for creation this handy feature.

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