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  • Hannes Gassert

The bicycle is as essential to us at Liip as the laptop. Ever since our inception, we have been promoting cycling.

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We ride daily with passion — and increasingly, we're programming, designing, and consulting on bike apps and platforms.

Swiss Bike Park × Liip

Our collaboration with the Swiss Bike Park Foundation is more than just a project for us. Swiss Bike Park, founded by bike entrepreneur Thomas Binggeli (Thömus, Publibike, Stromer, BMC, etc.), is not just a terrain with mountain bike obstacles. It's a long-term initiative for safe, healthy, and inclusive cycling, and a bike competence centre for Swiss tourism.

The first outcome of this is the new Swiss Bike Park app. With it, we're testing three ideas:

  • How can we best share the thrilling experience on the bike with all those who stayed at home — and should join next time? This includes the integration of Asport's automatic camera, which creates videos from daring jumps into the airbag, delivered to the app and ready for Instagram & Co.
  • What can we learn about cycling on the smartphone, and how best to do it? Riding technique videos from bike professionals in the park are the first step in this direction.
  • Finally, how far can we push the sensors on current smartphones to easily measure lap times, record jumps, or even derive riding technique tips?

The app is now available for testing (iPhone, Android). We're convinced: there's still a lot of innovation and genuine progress to be made with this app, for cyclists of all kinds as well as for vibrant tourism and a healthy environment. Accordingly, further development and testing phases are planned with the Swiss Bike Park Foundation.

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