Liip explores Web3

  • Emmanuel Bernard

Beyond the trend/buzzword, should Liip take the adventurous roads of Web3?

History has proven that Liip has progress and adventure in its DNA. 8 years ago, the whole company shifted to a self-organized, fair and open organizational model named Holacracy. It has been a huge jump in the void. This is probably one of our more significant changes but, at the same time, only one amongst many. Learning by doing is our culture, and what we are doing today in the sulfurous for some and exciting for others, Web3 field. Liip has created a Web3 team with the mission to investigate the field, explore the opportunities and identify relevant use cases and applications for our clients.

Web3 this, Web3 that. But actually, what is it?

Web3 is a complex topic. It is hard to frame. A precise definition, on which everybody could agree, does not exist yet. We encourage interested readers to spend some time investigating the various topics using independent sources to deepen their opinion on the topic. For us, and hopefully, our understanding will continue to evolve as we keep exploring; Web3 is a reaction to the total domination of the Internet by a few giant companies. The initial dream of freedom of the Internet has slowly been transformed into a tool crafted to maximize the profit of a bunch of people, trading our data and considering the user as the product.

Web3 is composed of a bunch of technologies, a philosophy and new ways to exchange virtual goods. Web3 is community driven and offers many tools to interact with people. It includes, but is not limited to: Blockchain, SmartContracts, dApps, cryptocurrencies, DeFi (decentralized finance), NFTs, DAOs, Metaverses… Those features let humans exchange virtual goods fluidly without needing a central authority in which we should place our trust. It is meant to redistribute the power, placing the user in control of their digital life and the true owner of their digital assets.

It is completely new and opens a world of possibilities. It challenges how we do business,and forces humankind to reinvent how we should handle global interactions. Maybe, the seeds planted during this very early phase of what could be the next step of the internet will grow and be everywhere tomorrow. But…

“Prediction is hard, especially about the future.”

This quote by Niels Bohr, Nobel laureate in Physics & father of the atomic model, also applies to the predicted outcomes Web3 holds for us.

Not everyone is convinced that Web3 is “good” and that it will last or grow. While some Liipers are very enthusiastic about it, others are doubtful. I think that this duality is healthy. The conversation generated by this disagreement forces us to challenge ourselves, to understand what is making sense and what is just hype.

As a company standing for digital human progress, Liip wants to be open to new possibilities offered by Web3. With a dedicated team of explorers, we are now investigating the space. Our mission is to understand Web3 with a focus on sustainability. We are learning and mastering the related technologies by contributing to open source projects, participating in Hackathons and working on our own products with pioneer partners.

An illustrative sketch done during a Web3 workshop

As we dig into the topic, we share our discoveries with the rest of the company in workshops and multiple discussions. We are here to identify interesting use cases for our clients and what value Web3 and decentralization can bring.

This move is a bet on the future. It’s exciting, it is scary, and it is only the beginning!

If you have an adventurous soul and are curious about the topic, feel free to contact us. We are constantly looking for partners and clients to collaborate with in order to explore this new and wild area of work.

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