Liip develops SRG SSR quiz app “politbox”

  • Nicolas Dougoud

politbox, the new quiz app from the Swiss broadcasting corporation, lets you test your general knowledge of Switzerland, all from your smartphone. You can play alone, duel it out with a friend, or even pit your wits, in real-time, against other members of the politbox community.

The new quiz app is available in Switzerland's four national languages, as well as in English, and can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play. politbox also allows users to compare scores and see where they stand in the overall player ratings.

The design and development of the quiz app was a total team effort on the part of Liip and SRG SSR. By choosing Xamarin, we were able to develop an app that was both iOS- and Android-compatible. The back-end was built using the Django REST Framework.

Nationwide tour

politbox is also going on a nationwide tour. Journalists and other representatives from SRF, RTS, RSI, RTR and SWI are set to criss-cross Switzerland on a special tour bus, stopping off at various towns and villages along the way. At each stop, the public will have the chance to play the game live and talk to other members of the politbox community. The politbox bus will be in Fribourg on 13 May, so save the date!

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