LIFT11: Liipalized!

  • Hannes Gassert
Lift - What can the future do for you?

LIFT in Geneva is one of Europe's leading innovation conferences, an annual gathering at the intersection of technology, society, media and culture. While Liipers have traditionally been attending LIFT since its very beginning, this year LIFT just happens to be pretty .. liipalized. There's going to be plenty of Liipers around, doing lots of stuff:

  • Liip UX specialist Memi is presenting Artypedia in the Open Stage segment, a project redefining art, no less.
  • Developers Jordi and Pierre will do a manifesto workshop called Don't make me steal.
  • Managing partner Gerhard will be on site as well and taking part in a special workshop on the future of conscious energy consumption.
  • Liip board member Hannes is going to take care of a workshop on NIWEA, helping with etoy's M∞ workshop, will be addressing the guests in the newcomer welcome session and is currently taking care of a little series on the LIFT blog called “Schwizerdütschi Startups” (see #1), too.
  • Finally, Liip is also going to be present with some offical offline branding installation (you'll see!). Plus, Liipers Benoît, Brian, Joël, Jonas, Laurent, Sébastien and Thomas are going to be there, too.

_ So yes indeed, LIFT11: you'll officially be liipalized! :)_

The conference promises to be awesome once again, so if you're going too, please drop us a line – we're all very much looking forward to seeing you in Geneva to sharing ideas, knowledge and, of course, a great fondue!

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