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  • Jonas Vonlanthen

As the trusted web partner of the French-language daily, La Liberté, Liip has built a mobile-enabled news portal, as well as integrating the option of streaming the latest news on trolley buses. The task was made much easier by the adoption of centralised data management system.

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La LibertĂ© is circulated across French-speaking Switzerland and, with a daily print run of close to 40,000, it is one of Switzerland’s leading broadsheets. However, its readers also wanted the option of reading their favourite paper in electronic format anytime, anywhere and on the device of their choosing. Liip therefore built the news portal using the content management system Drupal. Liip also developed a responsive design version for tablet users, as well as a handy mobile version. Commuters can also get the latest headlines thanks to news screens fitted on the fleet of trolleybuses servicing the city of Fribourg.

A single, universally accessible data source

All of the distribution channels have one thing in common: they are connected to the same central database. This means that La LibertĂ© is able to synchronise news across all channels, thereby massively reducing the time and effort spent on maintenance and content management. This strategy not only yields economic benefits but it also gives readers access to the paper’s online content, whether they are at home, on the way to work or during their lunch break. To guarantee round-the-clock access, Liip uses state-of-the-art monitoring instruments that immediately flag up blackouts and performance problems and automatically fix them.

La Liberté

«Thanks to Liip’s choice of architecture, all output channels are managed centrally, which allows us to manage content more efficiently and easily, and ultimately eliminate unnecessary costs”. Whether at home, on the way to work or during their lunch break, readers now have La LibertĂ© at their fingertips»
André Neuhaus, La Liberté

La Liberté

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