Klar! Wir bilden Lehrlinge aus.

  • Christian Stocker

ausbilden-jetzt Since yesterday, Benjamin Wohlwend is working as an intern at Bitflux. He attended for the last 2 years the Minerva School and studied IT there. Now he's doing his obligatory internship at Bitflux for the next 2 years. He already got an introduction into Popoon and Flux CMS and happily installed Ubuntu on his Laptop, which was surprisingly easy for a Debian system :)

If you're wondering what the logo on the right is about: There are currently different campaigns in Switzerland encouraging companies to employ and train more “Lehrlinge” (apprentices), 'cause it's quite hard for young people to find a apprenticeship after their 9 years of obligatory school. And companies with “Lehrlinge” get those stickers to put on their envelopes and letters. I don't know, if I actually am allowed to use it here, since I didn't ask or take part in the campaign, but hey, we're the good guys now :)

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