Hackday React Native for Android

  • Adrian Philipp

When React Native for Android came out I was excited to investigate it more at one of Liips monthly innovation days. Liip already developed a React Native app for iOS and we wanted to know how it works for Android. We were: Andrey, Germain, Lukasz and me. Germain is currently working on a cross platform app written with Xamarin.

For this hackday we tried to port an existing React Native iOS app to Android.

TL;DR: We are waiting for WebViews to be supported. See the pull request for changes. We didn't need to dive deep into Android APIs like XML Layouts for views.

How code sharing works

React Native has a “packer” which is responsible for collecting and loading all javascript files and resources. To avoid explicitly checking for the current platforms using  _if/else _blocks, the packer ignores all files which end in .android.js on iOS and all files ending in .ios.js  on Android. The way to develop platform specific components is: First divide the app into small components, each component in its own file. Then implement a platform specific version of a component that works differently.

Guess the Liiper on Android – Progress circle animation

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