Last week I was at FullFrontal 2014 in Brighton, a single day conference for front-end developers. Here is some interesting stuff from the talks:

Physical Web

Scott Jenson presented “ The Physical Web” which

is an experimental project from Google. The main principle is to transmit URLs on demand through Bluetooth Low Energy devices like iBeacon and then use the mobile web browser instead of native apps (which you have to install first).

I think it's a very good idea! For example, if you are in a bus station and you want to know when the bus arrives, you don't want to download a mobile application or enter the url of the bus company. With “physical web”, an iBeacon can transmit the url of the bus station with the time of the next bus directly to your smart device.

More info on Physical Web website and Documentation page on Github.

Offline, Online and synchronization

Caolan McMahon presented a talk named “Moving seamlessly through offline and online”. He did a very quick and impressive live coding of a web app using offline mode and synchronization through pouchdb and couchdb.

More info on Offline first website.

Web Audio

Soledad Penadés presented the “Tools for the 21st century musician”. The talk was some demos and examples using the Web Audio API. I was surprised by all the possibilities offered by this API. I'll definitely have to play with it soon!

More info on Soledad Penadés blog (you can try using web audio in slides) and W3C's Web Audio API draft.

Others talks


At Liip, we do front-end every day. Browsers and Web technology move fast, so it's important to be up-to-date with new trends. “Physical Web” project, offline and Web Audio API seems very interesting for the future!