FrOSCamp 2010 is over

  • Christian Stocker

Last Friday and Saturday the first FrOSCamp took place at the ETH Zurich and we were part of it. What we planned and organised was mentioned in this blog post and we actually succeeded with almost anything on the list:

  • A DokuWiki Hackfest during the whole two days with Pierre and the DokuWiki crew (and I met the team on the Uetliberg on Sunday afternoon for some sightseeing),
  • The discussion about Symfony CMF, JCR, Scrum and many other things on Friday with very valuable input from David Nüscheler from Day and Karsten Dambekalns from Flow 3. (The notes about the discussions)
  • The initial setup for write support for Jackalope, the PHP client for Jackrabbit with many commits on Saturday
  • And the start for a CouchDB ODM support for Doctrine 2 also on Saturday

There was of course also a lot of time to talk and discuss and have fun during the breaks, the lunches and dinners and the party on friday night. I'd say, it was a full success and I hope we can repeat it soon enough.

Some more info can also be found on Lukas' blog and some pictures by me

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