Flashers needed

  • Christian Stocker

A long long time ago, years before playing funny X vs. Y games and the merge to Liip AG happened, I never imagined that Flash will play such a big role in this company. Now, it's completely different. Flash is an important part of our portfolio and projects depend on it (with good reasons, by the way :) ). Of course, this doesn't mean, that we're now just doing fancy flash intros or are doing the next flash based video player (gääähn ..), but that we are building serious object orientated flash applications on the basis of ActionScript, Eclipse as IDE and some other cool tools. Developing Flash nowadays looks therefore pretty geeky, it almost makes me to want to learn it :)

To cut a long story short: We're looking urgently for good, serious Flash experts to expand our Flash team, please check our job page for more info.

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