Enterprise 2.0 Talk

  • Hannes Gassert

Just as the advent of the Web had a profound impact on the way business is made and deals or done, the concepts under the “Web 2.0” umbrella term (social software, blogs, mashups, all the Ajax glitter etc.) are starting to influence the corporate mindset – even here in good old Switzerland. Or, along the lines of Euan Semple in “The 100% guaranteed easiest way to do Enterprise 2.0”: best thing organisations can do is get out of their employees' way and let “Enterprise 2.0” happen with the least amount of control possible.

So when Switzerland's most-hated company ( Cablecom, our cable TV monopolist going for quadruple-play ..) came to us and allowed us to apply the lessons learned in our 2.0ish projects in corporate setup, something interesting had to come out for sure.

Now that thing called “Intraweb 2.0” has been presented and discussed in different places already and is going to presented, demoed and scrutinized once more at the upcoming Internet Briefing TechTalk, 2007-05-06 (next week!), 11.15-14.00, Zürich, Zunfthaus zur Schmiden.

The project is going to be presented by the client, but Chregu and me are going to attend as well (maybe you too?), so the entire range of topics should be covered somehow :)

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