Energiestadt Zürich – a passion project

  • Clarissa Küchler

All relevant teams were immediately on board, when the call for tender for the City of Zurich’s planned energy platform dropped through our letter box. Why? Because Liip stands for digital human progress, and sustainability is a value that is reflected in all of our work.

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The City of Zurich wanted to create a platform offering information about energy topics, pooled on a single website. The aim was to help the City achieve its energy goals by increasing the local population’s awareness and providing them with advice and support for specific projects. When the project first began, this information was spread across the websites of various different departments and companies.

Why did we want to make sure that we won the project?

Because we believe that user-oriented project development is important. We often find that websites reflect a company’s view of itself, meaning that users are forced navigate through the maze of departments and internal content allocations. This makes it difficult for users to find specific information. From this perspective, it was important to think about the concerns of Zurich’s residents. This is of course something that we wanted to support.

We want to help boost ‘digital progress’ with a clear benefit for users. In addition, we were also inspired by the positive impact it would have on society and the environment. This is very close to our hearts, and is something that drives and motivates us. Our goal is to use technology to do good, which is exactly what this project offered: a way to help Zurich residents learn more about environmentally friendly energy use and easily find information, advice and tips. Our heart beats for the environment and technology. As a company, we are therefore also climate-neutral, hold ISO 9001 certification, and work in an agile way.

How did we win the project?

We do not know exactly. But we hope and believe that our presentation managed to convey our excitement about the project. We are delighted that our approach and proposal were selected, and that we were able to implement the project together with the City’s representatives. We are very proud of this and would like to thank them for their trust.

And what did the project involve?

That is the subject of another blog post. Read more here.

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