Coworking in the ThinkSpace: not only about coffee machine sharing, but also real experiences

  • Jonas Vonlanthen

Yesterday night, Liip Lausanne officially launched its ThinkSpace at 4 Rue Etraz. The party was organised by the Liip Team but intended for the startups hosted in the coworking space. We wanted to offer them all an occasion to celebrate and invite their partners and friends to visit their new workplace.

The opening party was also an opportunity for the Lausanne Liipers and the coworkers to meet outside of the rush of the daily business.

Did you say collaboration?

Collaboration has always been very important for Liipers. At the very beginning already, when we arrived in Lausanne 5 years ago, we shared an office with our friends from :ratio. As we grew bigger, it has been necessary to enjoy extra space. However the desire to share desks with other digital startups remained. As we moved to the Rue Etraz, it was possible to secure 2 floors: the ThinkSpace could be set up!

The ThinkSpace is a collaboration floor, specially dedicated to startups and SMEs active in the digital world. The project started in a blast: in November, the first coworkers moved in as the last renovations were being done! Today, as we officially celebrated its opening, we discover that our space is nearly full! :)

Only about sharing a coffee machine?

The ThinkSpace is not only about saying ‘hello-how are you?' over the coffee machine (even though we love Tawipay's delicious capuccinos) it's also about sharing ideas and experiences. It's not only the Liipers and the startups who benefit from the exchanges, but also our clients! With synergies we are more efficient and do not hesitate to recommend our coworkers when needed. Who has heard about the love story between one of our client Salines Suisses and We developped the  Sel des Alpes website for them while Mondays is now in charge of their community management.

Aside from Tawipay and, you might cross folks from cool companies Skioo, Supertext and who currently cowork in the ThinkSpace as well.

And next, a ThinkSpace in Bern

We are so enthusiastic about our experience in Lausanne, that we wish to pursue it in our new office in Bern, opening in April at Schmiedenplatz 5, very near from the Zytglogge tower. Also be prepared, it will be about sharing knowledge and experiences, and the opening party will be grand as well

Thank you all, Liipers and dear coworkers, for you support! An exciting future lies ahead of us ;-)

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