CMF editor: overview, screencasts and live demo

  • Loïc Schulé

Discover more about the service CMS our digital agency has to offer for you.

I will present you the CMF editor and some of its key features. It's a content editor for the CMF project that we designed at Liip AG to pave the way to better experiences in this somehow traditionnal field.

We didn't start reiventing the wheel, we wanted to create an editor based on the last technologies, leveraging the ‘decoupled' content management approach to improve the user's efficiency and also to improve the fun while using a backend application. We based our work on some great open source components such as VIE and Hallo.

After having a first version we participated to the IKS semantic UX contest happening last winter. Winning the prize allowed us to add semantic functionalities in our product.

In the last weeks we also merged our work with the CreateJS project so that we would all work under the same project and share some important features that we did separately.

To give you a better overview of the software we built here is a list of the main features:

–   Edit in place : The editor doesn't live in the back of your website, it's right here on the front of your pages.

–   Rich but simple interface : The interface is very simple yet very powerful. For example, you can drag and drop your images in your content and directly see how it will look like or you don't have to worry about loosing your content as auto-saving and local recoveries are included.

–   Extendable : We wrote some plugins to pave the way, but the idea is that one can write new plugins for the users to have the right tools for each specific business cases. The interface has been designed to handle extensions and keep a uniform feeling even with plugins made by different people.

–   Semantic : We built many semantic functionalities thanks to IKS.

–    Tagging suggestions based on your content

–    Automatic tagging of assets to keep highly linked and qualitative content in your system

–    Automatic article relationship through auto tagging of content

–    Automatic external links suggestion based on your actual tags and semantic services

To present the editor in a more effective way, I created some Screencasts to show the main features of the editor and how to use them.

I hope you will get interested in this project and that you found this post interesting.

Further links :

–  The screencasts are on youtube.

–  Link to the live demo.

–  Link to createJS.

–  If you want to know more about the CMF project.

–  The live demo called sandbox is on Github.

Kind regards,

Loïc Schülé

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