The OSS Awards recognise businesses, public authorities, open source communities and individuals who have used and developed open source software in an innovative and groundbreaking way.

We are truly honoured to receive this award and would like to extend our sincere thanks on behalf of the entire CMF community! From the outset, the project was greeted with enormous interest, and input began to pour in from around the world.

As well as initiating the project, Liip developed several of the framework's key components. Today, the core team counts a half-dozen developers, including Liipers David Buchmann and Lukas Kahwe Smith.

Liip uses CMF in many of its own projects, such as for the editorial part of the Open Government Data Portal. The 2014 OSS Award follows on from the clutch of awards picked up by CMF last year Symfony Award. The Symfony Content Management Framework adds CMS functionality to the standard Symfony PHP. Its strong point is its incredible flexibility, which allows developers to devise customised solutions. As well as content, navigation and SEO infrastructure, CMF provides an innovative module for in-place frontend editing.