Best of Swiss Web 2009: The Aftermath

  • Hannes Gassert

As you might have heard, Liip won quite a bunch of awards at this year's Best of Swiss Web contest, including the night's awesome-sounding overall prize “Master of Swiss Web”.

Concerning the aftermath of that evening (which involved a healthy dose of beer, see images 1, 2) there's the following things to say:

  • WE DID NOT FORGET ABOUT THE  PROMISED PARTY – we'll keep you posted on that one.
  • Marc and I did a rather long interview with Netzwoche, which was quite funny.
  • The special women-only prize spurred quite some discussion, see for example Penny's blog entry. Difficult topic.
  • Gottago and Picok, the two apps winning in the categories “Technology Innovation” and “Technology Quality” both are Free Software projects. Open Source wins.
  • As a little bonus for all the passion put into Gottago, we'll send Marc on the Silicon Valley Tour organized by fellow Liiper Philipp. He will definitely have to blog here.
  • Yes, sure, the Swiss web small and that award thing might be a bit provincial – but as a winner you just do not care :)

So many thanks to everybody that supported us, remember we're hiring .. and see you at that party.

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