Best of Swiss Apps 2023: We got 5 on it

  • Grégoire Loretan

We have received five awards at the Best of Swiss App (BOSA) award ceremony, which took place in Zurich last week.

We won silver in the "Enterprise" category and bronze in the “Innovation”, “Functionality”, “User Experience and usability” and “Business Impact” categories for AP Messaging, which was nominated for the Master Award. The new Carvelo app was also shortlisted.

Audemars Piguet’s AP Messaging wins 5 awards

In collaboration with Audemars Piguet, we developed a custom-made keyboard to be used by the brand’s sales teams for their client communication on all messaging platforms. The smart keyboard includes direct access to the latest watches information and real time stock updates, as well as visual assets and videos, designed templates and invitations to events.

Instead of developing yet another messaging app, the smart AP Messaging keyboard enhances client relations on the clients’ preferred messaging tools. The Jury recognised the simplicity of the solution and the complexity of its custom development and integration with the silver award in the “Enterprise” category and the bronze award in the “Innovation”, “Functionality”, “User Experience and usability” and “Business Impact” categories, and its Master Award nomination.
From left to right: Stéphane Blondel (AP), Maxime Dauvergne (AP), Guillaume Koehrlen (AP), Patrick De Loureiro (AP), Patrice Ginday (AP), Diego Conejo Pradier (AP), Sebastian Haag (Liip), Guillaume Morel-Bailly (AP), Matias Cerchierini (Liip)

As Thomas Botton, Business Developer and Client Partner outlines: "These awards confirm that innovation doesn’t mean to impose a new tool, rather to improve user experience and business processes of existing apps. And this is precisely what this AP Messaging custom keyboard does. I’m also proud to see this Swiss Made digital tool being recognised by the Jury."

It is always an honour to receive such awards from our peers. Congratulations to the other projects awarded at these Best of Swiss Apps awards, and Mobility Car Sharing for its Master Award. The level of competition is further proof of the richness of Swiss Made mobile apps.

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