Are you looking for office space in downtown Zurich?

  • Christian Stocker

Look no further :)

As you maybe already know, Liip Zurich is soon getting a bigger office. At Feldstrasse 133, just around the corner from our current place, still in downtown Zurich and still very near to the mainstation. But, the newly rented 400m2 are a wee bit too much for us for the time being, so we'd like to sublease some office space.

What we can offer:

  • approx. 80m2 office divided in 3 rooms (Büro 1-4 on the plan)
  • Newly renovated
  • Sharing of conference room and kitchen, if you like
  • Very good internet connection (of course)
  • Starting beginning/mid of May
  • Some pictures of the office before the renovation (the carpet and generally a lot of walls will be gone, it will look pretty different )

If you're interested and/or have questions, do not hesitate to get in contact with me. And if we can't find anyone for the whole 80 m2, we may sublease smaller compartments, too.

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