An active week for Liip in Suisse-Romande!

  • Jonas Vonlanthen

Last week featured a couple of interesting events in Suisse Romande.

First of all, we attended a very cool Lift Presentations @ Lift Office event in Geneva. Following the Lift@Home concept, sidelines of the Lift10  conference, this evening's theme focused on Innovation and featured four speakers; Christian Miccio from Google and Samuel Mueller from WDHB Consulting explained their point of view on innovation, or how can innovation be created in an organization. Their speech was followed by the very interesting presentation of Giorgio Pauletto and Patrick Genoud from Etat de Genève, sharing how can innovation be implemented and driven in a public organization.

This event was also the occasion to test a very “innovative” system to create interaction between the audience and the speakers: the participants where given different ways to ask their questions or share their thoughts as the presentations went along: twitter, skype, sms, email, paper, etc. All the feedbacks were collected and summarized on the fly by a team of courageous “Lift-ers”. It was interesting to see that this way of doing seemed to create much more – indirect of course – interaction than the standard “please ask your questions” at the end of a presentation.

The second event we Liipers took part to last week was a “mash up” of three active web-related communities in Suisse Romande: Swiss Web 2  – a community of Web 2.0 professionals, Tweetzerland – a group of Romands Twitterers and the Bloggers of Blog o Bar . The event was hosted by Sandrine Szabo in Lausanne (thank you Sandrine). It was really nice to meet cool web addicts from all over Suisse Romande to share a glass of wine, news from the online world and thoughts on new apps / tweaks for our smartphones (thanks to Nico & Phil from Tweetzerland for the pictures).

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