A week of IPC 2010

  • Jordi Boggiano

This week the International PHP Conference was held in Mainz, Germany. Bastian and I (Jordi) attended since we were both speaking there.

The conference was overall quite good, it was the 10th edition so they definitely know what they're doing with the organization. I first held a talk about knowledge sharing presenting all the ways we encourage that at Liip, and trying to get a discussion going with the audience, which worked fairly well I believe. The other two talks of mine, about web security and javascript events and scopes saw many more attendees though, I suppose because of the more technical topics.

On Tuesday evening I also held an impromptu session about the Symfony2 framework since Fabien Potencier could not make it to the conference. It was only announced via twitter and attracted a dozen attendees. Considering about 20 guys raised their hands when Zeev Suraski asked who was using twitter during his opening keynote, I guess a dozen is fairly good ;)

As for Bastian he had a talk about jQuery secrets which I couldn't attend since I was doing my Symfony2 one at the same time, but I hear it went well. He was talking about some of his finding while using jQuery and reading the source code. Then yesterday during the workshop day he held a jQuery Jeopardy workshop with Jakob Westhoff. In which each attendee was asked to take her/his party in playing jeopardy. Following Twitter they had as much fun as the speakers had.

We're both back in the office now, still in one piece, and looking forward to the IPC Spring Edition.

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