A frontend editor for Symfony2 CMF with the help of VIE

  • David Buchmann

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Yesterday we started working on an editor for the Symfony2 Content Management Editor, the LiipVieBundle. We use VIE and – until something non-GPL comes along – the Aloha editor. VIE is a piece of javascript on top of backbone.js that handles storing data with a REST backend. In Symfony2, this is a breeze thanks to the FOSRestBundle. Sounds complicated? Its actually quite simple, at least for the user. I made a short video to show how it looks.

You can try this out in the CMF Sandbox. Currently, its just a proof-of-concept implementation. For example, we make no authorization check whatsoever. In the upcoming weeks, we plan to do the following:

  • Only activate VIE if the user has the required role (inject an authorization service into the VieController)
  • Support authorization service in REST controller
  • Image insert feature in aloha
  • Find a way for developpers to configure what editor to use for each field
  • Support binary fields / file attachments
  • Autosave while editing to not lose data on connection errors

If you have feedback or inputs to this, please tell! And if you can contribute, you are more than welcome to do pull requests or comment on commits. Whatch the LiipVieBundle and the sandbox to see what is happening.

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