• Christian Stocker

Our latest client project – chance06 – went online this morning. It's a collaborative campaign between the federal government ( BBT), the cantons and labour organizations to further promote “lehrstellen” in Switzerland. Done of course with Flux CMS.

The site focuses on 6 different target groups and each sub-site has its own design. Furthermore the whole content is available in 3 languages (german, french and italian), and so we ended up with quite some pages, approx. 2'000 of them (if you count everything). Although a lot of the content is reused content, but of course they only had to be edited once.

The Swiss press also already covered the campaign:




and more on Google News

Bitflux did this project together with René Obi from Hoch-3, Peter Metzinger from Business Campaigning and is hosted by netzwirt.

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