Why does online banking suck?

  • Christian Stocker

From a Michael in the comments of the last comment :

Considering this is meant to be such a big banking country, your internet bank websites really suck. I have been put through the torture of using the bkb.ch online – come on guys, spend some of that cash you're stashing away in them vaults on a web designer and usability expert!

Yes, why do online banking interfaces suck? And according to Michael espiacally here in anonymous-number-account country Switzerland. My first answer was (besides that I really don't know bkb.ch..):

The User Interface? Mmmh, it could be better and I'd have some little improvement suggestions, but it's not thaaat bad, I've seen worse (can for example someone tell me, why I can't switch the language on yellownet (aka postfinance) after I logged in? yellownet insists in delivering their page in english to me. yeah yeah, it's my browser language, but nevertheless, let me switch the language after I logged in. Please…) and maybe the update brought some improvements. Have to test that later.

While I claimed, that the CS user interface doesn't really suck, it brought me nevertheless sometimes to the edge of a nervous breakdown at the beginning (especially at the time, when two people had to sign a bill, what a task…). I got used to it, so it works for me. Now, they updated their UI and I will see, if it's an improvement (when it actually works, currently still on maintenance mode…).

And really, can someone explain me why I can't switch the language on Yellownet after I logged in? Zeix obviously does exist for a reason :)

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