TestFest@Webtuesday Hackfest

  • Lukas Kahwe Smith

We are using the upcoming Webtuesday Hackday to join in with the global TestFest event on May 24th at the new Liip offices in Zurich! Webtuesday, Hackday, TestFest? If you are wondering what this is all about here is a quick primer. Webtuesday is obviously the monthly meeting of top Internet technologists across Switzerland. The Hackday is all about bringing all of these skills to some actual coding quality time in a marketing free “lets get something done for fun” atmosphere. Finally, the TestFest is global effort organized by the PHP development team to increase the code coverage of the test suite for PHP itself. This Webtuesday Hackday will therefore only be one of many similar events around the globe.

Actually the TestFest is quite exciting for the PHP project. Its the first time we are really reaching out to the end users to contribute directly. Obviously not every one is a crack C coder or even has the time and inclination to become a core contributor, but the TestFest makes it easy to give something back to the PHP project. I am sure that a successful TestFest will go a long way to making sure that the core development teams stays motivated to keep hacking on all the feature requests of end users that keep poring in every day. Personally I am also quite anxious to see how this all pans out.

This all ties into the emPHPower idea I blogged about a while ago on my private blog. If the TestFest turns out to be a success, then it will be a first proof that something like emPHPower could really work. Anyways, you can expect a fair number of Liipers at the TestFest. So here is hoping that plenty of others will join us in this fun event that will surely make a huge difference for the PHP project. If you cannot make it the Webtuesday Hackday, there are plenty of other opportunities to jojn a TesFest, like at the DLW/IPC conference where I am also organizing a TestFest.


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