Migrate File Entities to Media Entities in Drupal 8

  • Jonathan Minder

The new migrate_file_to_media module provides a decent way to migrate your old-fashioned file and image fields to media entities in Drupal Core.

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At Liip, we started several Drupal 8 projects a while ago, when the media module was not yet part of Drupal Core. Back then, we decided, to use normal file / image fields for media uploads in our content types.

A few months later, our clients prefered a media library using Drupal Media in Core and an Entity Browser to search and find their media assets.

The question is: Is it possible to convert my old-fashioned image fields to new shiny media entities?
The answer is: Yes, there is a way out of your misery!

We created a module called: "Migrate File Entities to Media Entities".

The module allows you, to migrate Drupal 8.0 file entities to Drupal 8.5 media entities, using the migrate module.

The main features of the module?

  • It provides a drush command that automatically detects all file / image fields and creates the corresponding media reference field.
  • Before migrating the files to media entities, a binary hash of all images is calculated, and duplicate files are recognized. If the same file was uploaded multiple times on different nodes, only one media entity will be created.
  • Migration of translated file / image fields is supported. Having different images per language will create a translated media entity with the corresponding image.
  • Using migrate to file module allows drush processing, rollback and track changes.

How to migrate images to media entities

Prepare target media fields

  • Prepare the media fields based on the existing file fields using the following drush command:
    drush migrate:file-media-fields <entity_type> <bundle> <source_field_type> <target_media_bundle>


    drush migrate:file-media-fields node article image image

    For all file fields the corresponding media entity reference field will be automatically created suffixed by {field_name}_media.

Prepare duplicate file / image detection

In order to detect duplicate files / images, run the following drush command to calculate a binary hash for all files. The data will be saved to the table "migrate_file_to_media_mapping". You need to run this drush command to be able to import media entities.

drush migrate:duplicate-file-detection

Create a custom migration per content type based on the migrate_file_to_media_example module

  • Create a custom module
  • Create your own migration templates based on the examples in migrate_file_to_media_example.

The module provided a custom migrate source plugin called "media_entity_generator".

id: article_images
label: Article Image to Media Migration
migration_group: media
  plugin: media_entity_generator
  entity_type: node
  bundle: article
  langcode: 'en'

  # provide a list of all field names you want to migrate
  - field_image
  - field_image2

  plugin: entity:media

You need to create a migration per entity bundle and provide a list of all field names, you want to migrate. The source plugin will query the database and find all files / images linked with these fields.

Step-by-step instruction how to migrate your own files / images.

Step 1: Create media entities.

File migrate_file_to_media_example/config/install/migrate_plus.migration.article_images.yml

This is the starting point. This migration creates a unique media entity from all files / images referenced by fields in the configuration field_names of the source plugin.
In the example, we have two image fields called: "field_image" and "field_image2".

The drush command to calculate the binary hash needs to be run before you can use the media_entity_generator source plugin.

Using rokka.io on Step 1:

File migrate_file_to_media_example/config/install/migrate_plus.migration.article_images_rokka.yml

This is an example migration, how to move all images to the rokka.io image content delivery network. You need to install the
drupal rokka module.

Step 2: Create media entity translations.

File migrate_file_to_media_example/config/install/migrate_plus.migration.article_images_de.yml

This migration adds a translation to existing media entities if a translated file / image field is found.

Step 3: Link media entities with media reference field on target bundle.

File migrate_file_to_media_example/config/install/migrate_plus.migration.article_media.yml

This migration links the newly created media entities with entity reference field on the target bundle.

Step 4: Check the migration status.

drush migrate:status

Step 5: Run the migration.

drush migrate:import <migration_name>

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