How to start your project

  • Jonas Vonlanthen

“Where to start”. Or, let’s say, “how to start”. Obviously, the first question remains the same. You have an idea, but now you have to make it real. We are here to help.

Hi, I'm Jonas, I have been working at Liip for almost 12 years and seen several projects.

The first step often seems the most complicated one. So, here are my four favourite tips to start a new project.

You need a clear and global vision

1. Come with a white page

Do not start your project on your own, especially if you are unsure or do not have enough resources. You will lose time and energy. Start as soon as possible with your external stakeholders. The earlier we, as a digital agency, are involved in your project, the better. It is the most effective way to collaborate. We will support you to identify the key questions.

2. There won’t be “ready-to-use” concepts on a plate

It's your project, your ideas. We are here to accompany you to build a clear and global vision. You can dream, we will help you to make it real and keep your feet on the ground. The vision helps to align on a global goal and to give a clear direction to your stakeholders.

A user-centered process

3. We will guide you through a user-centered design and development process

You will integrate a team with a broad set of expertises. Together, we will set up priorities, goals and work on a MVP (minimum viable product). This means a first product that brings a maximum business value, spending the minimum amount of time. From there, we will improve the product, brick after brick.

4. And do not forget - Stress never helps

No need to rush in all features at once! We can always add other “nice to have” functionalities later. Our agile mindset allows us to react quickly when new priorities show up. Your product will evolve to meet your needs, while keeping in mind the overall vision.

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