eLearning with Moodle in a cutting edge industrial company

  • Ayfer Cengiz

Fraisa is a manufacturer of high-performance industrial tools with clients located all around the world. The company is committed to delivering products at the cutting edge of technology. This dedication implies continuous learning and constantly renewed expertise.

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Overcoming geographical distribution and infrastructure constraints

The Fraisa group was founded in Switzerland in 1934 and has been growing ever since: Italy, Germany, Hungary, USA, France and most recently China opened as subsidiary. In order to fulfil core values like “Quality and technological advancement for the product and in production” and “Cooperation with all partners for mutual benefit”, training plays a crucial role. On-site education combined with eLearning allows Fraisa to keep both employees and customers up-to-date while saving costs. Thanks to virtual learning, participants do not have to travel across the world. Furthermore, expensive equipment does not need to be made available.

Building custom solutions on top of a proven LMS

Moodle is one of the leading Learning Management Systems (LMS). It enables Liip to provide cost-effective solutions with a lot of features out-of-the-box. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Nevertheless some adaptations are necessary to meet the end-user's specific requirements. For example: to simplify the learning experience, a custom-designed interface can be implemented on top of the LMS. As a result, only the relevant components are visible and the usability is improved on small devices. This avoids confusion for the learners and helps them focusing on the content whether it is accessed on desktop, tablet or phone. Tailor-made user roles for managers allow them to easily enrol their employees in the right class and follow their progress. Custom structured forums help organising the discussions according to product categories.

Why investing in eLearning?

For a company like Fraisa, enabling learners all around the world to gain knowledge and share it instantaneously is visionary. However, virtual classes does not replace on-site ones entirely. In fact, eLearning as a complement to on-site classes allows a better continuous know-how sharing in a geographically-spread environment. The course structure in Moodle provides reference material for all lessons. Participants read online documents to prepare themselves for an upcoming live training, or to consolidate their knowledge afterwards. But the real breakthrough comes with forums: the participants can share insights in real time without having to wait for the next face-to-face meeting. Novice learners can also search the previously asked questions, in order to avoid asking common ones.

Next steps

There are many advantages of eLearning combined with a traditional classroom. A blended learning scheme reduces costs while offering a continuous learning flow, which increases the engagement level of students. A leading LMS such as Moodle makes tracking, certification, and reporting easy and reliable. Do you feel your organisation would benefit from eLearning? Contact us now on our website.

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