What it’s all about

There's no time to rest on your laurels, because the phase after an app has been developed is just as important as the very first stage in its development. We are talking about software operations. After all, servers cannot just be left to sit quietly in the corner – they need care and attention, for example if either the app itself or its environment changes.

We know from experience that there is a constant stream of new demands being placed on the infrastructure running the software. Systems need to be monitored continuously and their performance must be optimised regularly. In addition, deployment processes are constantly changing in line with system requirements. And of course, all of this means that making backups is vital. Amidst all of this change, your data ultimately needs to stay where it belongs: in the existing system.

What you get

What you get from us is sharp minds and quick thinking. We ensure smooth operations and provide precise monitoring of the applications we develop – and offer prompt support if there are any problems. Also, our proactive suggestions help to boost performance, by optimising your infrastructure in line with your requirements. We keep your system on the cutting edge with regular updates. These also include security updates for the application frameworks and modules we have put in place, meaning that you can confidently rely on your software.

Good to know

Did you know that process optimisations do more than just ensuring smooth operations? They can also significantly affect the software’s development time. Automated tests run faster and faults become evident sooner. Ongoing in-depth system monitoring means that instead of only learning about problems when users discover them, we can recommend proactive solutions and eliminate weak points.

You are in good hands with us: the same teams that develop your app are also the ones looking after its ongoing operations. We know the system being used like the back of our hand, and incorporate the knowledge we have gained in the next development sprints.