A smart, interactive trip to the zoo

Zoo Zurich is popular with all kinds of visitors, from digital natives to pensioners just trying out their first smartphone, which they received as a gift. Visitors to Zoo Zurich are interested in animals and nature. However, different people are looking for very different things once they are at the zoo. They want to visit their favourite animal or make sure they are in the right place for the feeding times. Grandmothers wish to show their grandchildren the koalas that recently arrived, then spend some time in the restaurant whilst the children play in the playground. Students who have to submit a seminar paper on blackbucks in a week's time, on the other hand, are more interested in the behaviour and lifestyle of this particular animal.

The primary aim was to translate all of these needs into the corporate design elegantly. App users should be able to find their way around the zoo easily, and also feel the influence of the modern digital world. A clear and consistent design is the common thread to the solution as a whole.

The focus is on the attractive, user-friendly overview map using custom Google Map tiles.

The right place at the right time

The interactive overview map helps the zoo’s visitors to be in the right place at the right time. The zoo app also helps visitors find their way around the expanse of the zoo. Visitors can find their way to their favourite animals and events quickly and easily using the zoo app. Missed the penguin parade or seal feeding? This won't happen again with the Zoo Zurich app. Are you urgently looking for a restroom for your children? Or is their stomach starting to growl really loudly? The zoo app shows you where to go and acts as an information point right in the palm of your hand.


Nowadays, many people do not live close to nature. This makes it exciting for them to actively learn new things about animals, their behaviour and their habitat, and then put their knowledge to the test. This is also why the app features a digital quiz about the animals, their habitats and conservation projects. The quiz boosts the zoo's attractiveness and also provides users with valuable knowledge. Beacons will activate questions according to your location. This means that visitors will always be asked relevant questions, and the process also catches visitors’ attention and makes the zoo experience even more exciting. Once users have answered a minimum number of questions correctly, they can enter a competition. Great prizes offer visitors another good incentive to get involved with the zoo’s animals and their natural habitats. When visitors' legs are getting weary, the interactive competition adds a new dimension to the zoo experience, with regular zoo visitors using it right from the off to make their trip to the zoo a bit more structured and a lot more fun.