Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Doomed, And How To Handle Them Differently

  • Léo Davesne

The second week of 2020 is ongoing, how are your new year’s resolutions going?

Unfortunately, even if we are full of willingness to achieve our resolutions, they are condemned from day one. Mostly because a year is a way too long and vague period to foresee any result.


366 days. 12 months. 53 weeks. We all have the same amount of time, so how is it possible that only a few of us achieve our new year’s promises?

The main reason is that one calendar year is a way too distant and unclear horizon to be forecasted. Plus, the world is complex now and despite all the energy we spend on making things happen, most of the things we wish for are not entirely under our control.

We try but most of the time we fail, and we will try again next year.


A better way to operate would be to pursue them on a monthly basis. Because we can sense the time we have until the end of the month, it is already way easier to estimate and engage ourselves to execute.

Also, let’s not mix them up with commitment, which is about our attitude to do our best despite all the challenges sent by the complexity around us. Because yes, unexpected things will happen for sure!

We cannot commit to a date or a result, only to our own behavior.


4 weeks. 28 days. Now we can visualize a few days ahead and put habits in place a one month timebox.

We can even plan it and reflect at the end (are the goals still relevant?). And then we relaunch new adjusted month’s objectives.

That way, yearly unattainable resolutions turn into graspable goals. Updated and checked one after the other, and sustained by a resilient mindset, we will achieve them without even noticing it.

So, what are your goals for January 2020?

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