Verlag SKV Touchtyping

  • Gerhard Andrey

The publishing house SKV offers “Tastaturschreiben”, a web-based resource that allows users to learn to touch-type and practice their newly acquired skills online. It has been designed specifically with schools and individuals in mind.

The SKV publishing house wanted a web-based touch-typing programme, which would allow users with access to the internet to learn and hone these skills anytime, anywhere. It was important that the programme was not dependent on a host operating system to function properly and worked on all internet browsers without the need for installation.

Open standards

For the front end of the programme Liip used the YUI APP Framework to develop features such as assignment selection, live text input, live error correction and results administration. The back end is built on Symfony2 and PostgreSQL, which allows SKV to manage licences and users.

Correcting mistakes in real time

A particular challenge was developing a real-time error correction function. Given that considerable computing power is needed to analyse assignments for typing mistakes, Liip opted for a variant of the Levenshtein algorithm which is implemented on the web server in the C programming language and is employed by the browser via Ajax.

Verlag SKV

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