Liip now a SensioLabs Silver Partner

The web agency Liip achieved another milestone on 6 October 2015 when it was named an official Silver Partner of SensioLabs, the creator of the Symfony PHP Framework.

Lukas Smith, a Liip partner, is thrilled about the partnership. The Symfony evangelist believes that both companies could reap huge benefits from closer cooperation. "As a Symfony pioneer, Liip is really proud to be a SensioLabs Silver Partner. This partnership is proof positive of Liip's firm and continued commitment to Symfony. It will also make it easier for Liip and its customers to access SensioLabs products and services."

SensioLabs and Liip have enjoyed a longstanding working relationship. Even before Symfony2 was released, Fabien Potencier, CEO of SensioLabs and the lead developer of the new framework, visited Liip's Zurich offices back in February 2009 to discuss Liip's possible involvement in the development process. At Symfony Live 2010, some 11 months later, Potencier presented the Symfony2 components while Lukas Smith and Jordi Boggiano unveiled Liip's Okapi, the first-ever framework built using Symfony2 components.

Since then cooperation between the two firms has gone from strength to strength. Liip was heavily involved in the development of Symfony CMF which makes it easier to add Symfony2 to other CMS like Drupal and EzPublish. Two Liipers - Tobias Schultze and Lukas Smith – are also members of the Symfony Core Team. Tobias, for example, played a major role in the development of Symfony3. 

SensioLabs expects its partners to deliver first-rate work. Liip has excelled in this regard, picking up five rare and much-coveted Symfony Awards.

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