Liip gives back!

The web agency Liip has always donated a share of its profits to charity. This year’s beneficiaries include a number of cultural, educational, environmental and social welfare organisations.

As Liip co-founder Gerhard Andrey explains: “Treating others fairly is a cornerstone of Liip's philosophy. This means behaving in an equitable way in our day-to-day operations and backing the work of associations and organisations that champion causes close to our hearts.”

Buoyed by excellent business results in 2014, Liip is once again in a position this year to support a range of charitable organisations, including Médecins sans frontières, the Fribourg Red Cross and Amnesty International, as well as some smaller, lesser known charities. Take, for example. It has set itself the mission of providing the African continent with a sustainable energy supply. Another beneficiary is the Fribourg-based association affei, which organises exhibitions and events that showcase regional contemporary art.

A head start for future generations

Liip also invests in the programmers of the future. This is why it is proud to be a platinum sponsor of Rails Girls Summer of Code, an event aimed at girls and young women who want to expand their programming skills and knowledge and become more active members of the open source community. Liip also backs the Bluemagic Club, a non-profit organisation that aims to get 6-16 year-olds interested in the magical world of science.

Liip's list of donations in full:

Social/environmental causes



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