How to become a software developer, without an IT background!

  • Margaux Dupuy

Switzerland is facing a lack of skilled employees in IT. Why is that? Maybe because these jobs are seen as reserved for nerds or geeks? Which is totally untrue. I'm going to prove that in the following article.

Think of smartphones, bots and robots, think even of the first rocket sent to the moon... how cool is that? All of those items have been built thanks to programming. I'm going to show you how great it is to be a developer. And yes, you have the ability to join us in the abyss of coding too!

When Forensic Sciences lead to programming

After difficult yet unforgettable studies in Forensic Sciences, I decided to reorient my professional career. The wonderful world of web development was waiting for me! I learned the basics online with the Openclassrooms website ( for about 6 months. It was tough. Autonomy and auto-discipline were absolutely necessary to follow these courses. And the logic behind programming was new to me. I had to find self-reliance to study and improve my knowledge alone – without having a teacher fostering me. Motivated and eager to learn, this is how I was and still am.

This is also what convinced my future colleagues at Liip to hire me as a Software Developer. Hard skills are important. Yet, I believe that’s great to give the opportunity to someone – like me – who doesn’t have an IT background .

Solve bugs as they were crime scenes

In my opinion, programming is like solving an investigation. When you face a crime scene, you have to find out who has left the traces. Coding is similar. You also look for the little hint that could help you solve the problem. When I create new features or solve a bug, I am very attentive in order to find the best solutions to the challenge. Luckily, in the case of programming, bug never remains a mystery for a long time. ;-)

Train your mind to be logical and rational

A logical and rational mind is what you need as a developer. In the same way as for an investigation, you have to understand why a particular evidence is present on the crime scene. When you are coding, you must be able to understand how the code is built. This means going back to the source and finding out where the code lines that you see come from. For instance, logic allows me to:

  1. get the source of an error
  2. reproduce it
  3. understand why it has appeared

Dare to be creative

Solving issues isn’t the only job of a developer. I start from scratch to create stuff. Once you understand the basics, you have the tools to build websites and apps exactly like you want them to act and look like. And show it to the world!

Learn from the community

As a developer, I need to be independent. But I also know that a big tech community is always here to help me. I am really happy to share the knowledge I gained with the community too. You can meet people – over the web – from everywhere in the world, discuss, share ideas and learn from each other. These people are so passionate about their job that it’s a powerful source of motivation for me. And probably for you too.

The world is changing perpetually. Relentless progress in technologies and tools - You need to keep pace and learn constantly. And that’s exactly why I love my job and why I never get bored. And it might be the perfect job for you too!

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