FAIRTIQ Smart Ticket

  • Claes Lennman

For proof of Liip’s development prowess, you need look no further than FAIRTIQ.

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FAIRTIQ makes life much easier for Swiss public transport users by automatically working out the cost of their journey and ensuring that the cost of multiple journeys in one day is never more than the cost of a one-day travel card.

This new app is Switzerland’s simplest public transport ticket and the first mobile ticketing app based on the “Check-In/Assisted Check-Out” (CIACO) principle. This means that users simply check in before they board and check out at the end of their journey. The app rectifies a major problem with existing CIACO-based solutions by sending a reminder alert if the user has forgotten to check out. Thanks to location detection, the app is able to track the route taken and then works out the lowest possible fare according to the fare zone model of the given transport provider.

One swipe, one ticket

The app automatically detects the user’s location. So, all travellers have to do is swipe the start button before they board. The app tracks the route and automatically calculates the (cheapest possible) fare. The app can be used across the entire network of FAIRTIQ partner transport providers.
The registration process is simple and data entry is kept to a minimum. Should they experience any problems or have questions about the tickets, users are able to contact the after-sales services directly via the app.

Cross-platform development powered by Xamarin

The app was built using Xamarin, a special software which makes it possible develop native apps for multiple platforms using a single code. FAIRTIQ is now available for Android, iOs and Apple Watch.

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