30 Participants, 2 Speeches and some beer - Highlights of the e-commerce meet-up

  • Tatjana Nebel

The establishment of a regular e-commerce meet-up in Zurich has been successful. Already for the sixth time about 30 people met on September 5 in the Liip Arena. The lively exchange was accompanied by beer and great food

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We got down to business with:
"Agile is simple, is it?" - Daniel Frey - Agile Mind Setter @ Liip

Agile is simple, is it?

Daniel Frey, PO Scrum Master and agile coach for Liip has been interested in agility from the early days on. His presentation was about agility as a useful tool for e-commerce company. But why? Agility is focusing on changing hearts and minds. Therefore he beliefs that your delivery system will emerge based on the new thinking and the cultural change to being agile rather than doing agile. With the focus on values and principles, agility is great to increase the performance of any project. Even though the performance isn’t always matching the hoped-for resultats. The velocity of business value delivering is increasing. Realising the higher business value early in a project is great. However Scrum is not suitable for all kinds of projects but for most of it agility is a great solution.

Qard - financing e-commerce made simple

Azzedine Chaibrassou, the Co-Founder of Qard was talking about his business model. The technology of Qard is based on symfony. As an open minded meet-up group everyone was really into news related to symfony in the field of e-commerce. Small businesses are famous for having working capital needs which are recurrent in the case of retailers, that’s when Qard is helping out. The business model is rather interesting as Qard is circumventing all the financial topic into data, to help small and mid sized enterprises.

Tatjana Nebel
Lead Business Development Zürich, E-Commerce Expert
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