Celebrate the opening of our new office at Limmatstrasse 183 with us on the 26th June

We are happy to invite you all to this great party. The new office is huge, friendly and already filled up with the Liip-spirit! We are proud and look forward to partying with you!

The party program

  • 16.00 – Apéro
  • 17.00 – Champagne Tasting
  • 17.30 – Official Office Opening
  • 18.00 – Barbecue
  • 19.30 – Party

You shouldn't miss this evening for any reason!

Throughout the whole day, we are organising workshops to get the liipers, our clients and anyone interested together in order to learn and innovate around great topics. You are invited to join us and we will focus on the following topics:

  • A digital solution for HR talent management
  • Docker.io virtualized environment
  • Hacking the arena lights
  • Wit.AI natural language API + Laravel 4 ordering system
  • Scrum curry for lunch
  • Agile - to be, or not to be
  • Competencies, Goals, Compliance: Company learning with Totara LMS
  • Jackrabbit Oak with MongoDB and Symfony CMF
  • Open business data

More information about each topics and a link to subscribe to the workshops is available in the blog.

We look forward to the special day with you all and wish you an excellent week!

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