Liip expands its commitment in mobile development

  • Nicolas Dougoud

We are passionate about mobile development. We are sponsors of App Builders 2017.

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Passionate about mobile development, we lead successful projects

We create mobile apps to make users' daily lives easier. For example, HOUSTON is designed for Fribourg Public Transport employees. This Internet telephony system replaces radio and provides almost 100% coverage. This system permits ideal communication between all the drivers and headquarters. Developed in cooperation with Schucan Management, FAIRTIQ enables passengers to use public transport services at the best price, with no constraints!

Each of these applications has won two awards: Meilleur du Web and Best of Swiss App.

Member of the Swiss Mobile Development Association

We are members of the Swiss Mobile Developers Association (SMDA) and play an active part in all aspects of mobile development in Switzerland. We attend conferences such as SwiftAlps (2016) where we gave participants an opportunity to create an iOS animation (further information on theblogpost:  Swift Alps Conference – experimentation and collaboration). We also welcome meet-ups.

Next Events

App Builders 2017 - April 24th & 25th

App Builders 2017 is a conference on mobile technologies at the heart of Europe. Over 25 speakers – iOS and Android meeting up to share their experience. Discover the full programme and meet us on the EPFL site in Lausanne throughout the conference!

Google I/O and WWDC

Join us at Liip Lausanne and St-Gallen, for  Google I/O Live Stream on 17 May and  Apple WWDC2017 on 5 June.

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