AI Hero: A Delightful Blend of Technology and Creativity

  • Emmanuel Bernard

At our recent client partner event in Lausanne, we decided to merge the captivating realms of creativity and cutting-edge AI technology to produce something fun, innovative, and truly memorable for our attendees: the AI Hero experiment.

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Unleashing Digital Heroes

The main idea behind this was "AI Hero," a cool new icebreaker for real events. When guests arrived, they had a QR code on their badges. Scanning it took them to a website where they could make their own digital superhero, their AI Hero.

The process was quick and user-friendly, especially designed with the nuances of the luxury watchmaking industry. Guests picked an element like fire or water, and a material they loved, such as rose gold or stainless steel. Right away, these choices turned into a superhero avatar.

From Profile to Superhero

Building on the close and special relationship we have with our clients, we added a personal touch that was central to our experiment. Using Midjourney, we transformed attendees' LinkedIn profile pictures into "Marvel-style" superhero images. It was a fun way to celebrate the bond we share and make the event even more memorable.

A true hero is not only good looking: a true hero comes with a catchy name and an epic story! Leveraging OpenAI, we generated superhero names and backstories on the fly for each attendee, tailored to their answers, job, and company.

Breaking the Ice: AI-Style

The resultant AI-generated heroes served as cool conversation starters. Attendees were introduced to their avatars, setting the stage for lively discussions, laughter, and meaningful interactions.

People loved the AI Hero idea.

After the event, we got lots of positive messages and requests for dozens of additional AI Heroes. Our usage metrics showed very cool results. It is clear that when we let creativity drive the way we use tech, the results can be extraordinary!

Looking Ahead: A Journey has begun

The AI Hero event showcased Liip's approach of blending agility with innovation. It's just the start, and we're full of ideas for what's next. If you're interested, let's work together.

We're ready to tweak and adapt it for different events and themes, should we generate Pirates, Shamans, or Jedi Knights?

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