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Having simple processes and clear presentations are key to your success in the Internet. We will help you get a hold of your customers where they are and direct them quickly to where they want to be. This will increase the efficacy of your presence on the Internet or your app, the conversion rate and finally the return on investment.

Websites with content that is presented in an intuitively comprehensible manner are not only efficient, they also lock customers in. Good user experience is a competitive advantage. After all, anyone who finds their online experience easy and enjoyable will come back and stay. That is why a good user experience is of great help.

We create user-friendly websites or redesign your existing website so that it meets the needs of your customers. Thanks to the modular design of our offers, you can optimise your site at any time.

Rita Barracha
Creative Strategist


  • Understand the context and find out your users’ needs
  • Work out theories and assumptions and test them


  • Translate your business strategy into digital products


  • Structure information and optimise the Customer Journey
  • Visualise the requirements


  • Implement the visual design while taking into account the brand


  • Create an elegant front-end code

Freitag Neo

Neo is the new e-commerce and content platform from Freitag. The website with its own online shop has been supplemented with stories and emotions.

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