Drives customer loyalty

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Entry point

Strategy – A clear vision

Product strategy

  • Identification of main target groups and their needs
  • Set quantifiable goals

Business Ideation

  • Brainstorming
  • Develop a business model

Content Strategy

  • Rate and filter content
  • Devise content maintenance strategies

Feedback - measurable results

User Research

  • Identify users needs

Product Scope

  • Collect and prioritise features

User Testing

  • Trial prototypes

Design – streamlined product display

Product Ideation

  • Define new products
  • Improve existing products

Product Scope

  • Collect and prioritise features

Erstellen von Prototypen

  • Test
  • Prove feasibility

Information architecture

  • Useful navigation 
  • Informative labels


  • Outline functions and content
  • Clickable model

Screen design

  • Based on user experience criteria
  • Appealing to customers
  • According to the brand

Additional details