Design Thinking

Your challenge: solving a complex problem

Your challenge: solving a complex problem

Do you have a complex problem that is not easy to solve? This is often due to a lack of or contradictory knowledge. Or perhaps you have too many people with different opinions trying to work on the same thing? Whether social, cultural, economic, environmental, political or organisational, problems are everywhere. When it comes to digital challenges, the support we offer you includes design thinking, Service Design, UX Design and Content. You describe the problem to us, and together we can work on finding the needle in the haystack.

Our response: take things one step at a time

For us, problem-solving means design thinking. We use this creative and iterative process to develop an understanding of the people who will use the end product, one step at a time. We do this by coming up with several solutions for the challenge at hand. The ultimate aim of this process is not to directly find the most obvious result, but rather to examine the various options. We then further develop any ideas that impress us and use prototypes to test how well the solutions work. We question and corroborate assumptions, making customers’ true needs and wishes clearer with every step taken.

What we do

What exactly is the problem that we need to solve? If the challenge is well formulated, it inspires us to find various solutions and select the most promising – as an ongoing co-creation process with you. This means that you are a part of the User Experience team right from the very beginning. Next comes the prototype, in the form of storyboards, wireframes, mock-ups and so on. This makes the concept tangible and enables it to be tested, helping with decision-making in the steps to come. The next stage is to define the scope in order to answer questions such as: Which functions are vital for the product or service? Which will we abandon? Finally, we use a prioritised backlog to shape your product/service strategy and define a project plan. Sound good? Definitely!

The pay-off

Thinking outside the box is a real challenge. But this is no surprise, developing set ways of thinking is a very human thing to do. These evolve from repeated actions and the knowledge we have built up over time. As a result, it is often difficult for us to question our assumptions and everyday knowledge. Design thinking helps to break these patterns and find innovative solutions to stubborn problems.

Darja Gartner
User Experience Designer, Service Designer