What it’s all about

Previously, this was all about website owners packing their sites full of terms to get users to visit them. This strategy no longer works. In fact, quite the opposite: search engines penalise sites for this behaviour.

Having SEO content that performs well means using strategically planned keywords that correspond precisely to a website or app’s content. The objective is to make a company or organisation appear first in the list of search results and to add value to the users with your content.

SEO content consists of several elements:

  • Keyword strategy – defining the right keywords
  • Content structure – keeping users on your site for longer and enticing them to read more of your content
  • Content creation – producing search engine optimised texts, images and diagrams

What you get

When we create SEO content, we always start with a keyword strategy; the scope depends on the size and complexity of your company or organisation.

Once we have defined the keywords, we set up a the content structure. In other words, we define where each keyword should be used on your site and how the different pages should be linked with each other – the latter is what we call the ‘cornerstone content strategy’. We then form the structure of each page so that keywords are correctly placed.

The final step is content creation. This is where the keywords, content structure and content come together, helping your site be easily found by search engines and appealing to your users.

Good to know

Creating SEO content is not a one-time job – it has to become part of your content culture. After all, people and markets change at a fast pace, and you need to make sure you are always high up in the search engine rankings.

Instead of handing you a long Excel list of terms, we provide you with a map that your editorial team can use to navigate through the SEO landscape.

We see ourselves as the experts who get your team ready for the task at hand. Our goal is that you can take care of the daily practice yourself.