What it’s all about

Your content ensures that your products and services impress prospective customers and turn them into actual customers. But how do you create content that makes your products and services must-haves? With a solid plan, aka a content strategy.

A content strategy covers all the elements required to make content successful for the long term:

  • Messages and themes
  • Your readers’ needs
  • User journeys leading to conversions
  • Text and image guidelines
  • Processes, roles and editorial plans
  • Measuring tools to optimise content

What you get

You have a lot of online content, but unfortunately, your content does not have the desired effect on your readers. Like with many organisations, the volume of content on your website grows organically. Too much content makes it harder for visitors to find the answers to their questions and find what they came for. That's why we start many projects with a qualitative content audit, which is an analysis of the effectiveness and quality of your current web content. This enables us to identify what website content needs to be optimised, removed or redone. After this reflection, we are ready to start the content strategy.

We develop your content strategy, because we are experienced in this. You and your team then work on producing the content itself. We can, of course, do this for you as well if you wish.
We like to begin with a workshop with your editorial team, during which we define your company’s core message. Our key question: what message should every communication convey?

We also develop your company’s core themes, generally in consultation with you. We then use these to derive more detailed themes and formats that precisely fit your users’ interests – and once we have these, we have a good chance of making you a leader in your area.

The writing style also needs to fit your target audience, so we develop guidelines for you and your team. To allow you to get up and running quickly with actually producing content, we establish editorial processes and provide your team with support. This means that the strategy won't just get filed away in a drawer and be forgotten about but will really stay with the people.

Good to know

A content strategy must be put into practice on a daily basis. With this in mind, we sometimes like to create a big poster about it, to hang on a wall and be a constant reminder to all.

Another trick we like to use to ensure that our strategies are successful: we use them as a prototype. The editorial team can test and adjust the strategy to ensure that it actually works in practice. These unconventional approaches really make an impact – as shown by our work with editorial offices all over the world.